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Program Overview

A transit wheel is a non-saleable steel wheel, 22-inch tire, and TPM mounted to the vehicle during assembly. It is used only for transport from the factory to the dealer prior to installation of LPO wheels. Participating in this program leads to reduced dealer and customer pricing and increased diversity in your vehicles.

Since its development in 2012, the transit wheel program has remained largely unchanged. Below is a simplified rundown of the process, what is expected of your dealership, and what to expect of us, your ADI.

Process Timeline


The vehicle arrives at the dealer with 22-inch transit wheel assemblies which include 22-inch steel transit wheels, 22-inch OEM production tires and TPM sensors.
Depending upon dealer location and proximity to plant the dealer may receive the LPO wheel package before or just after vehicle delivery. Normally all orders are shipped to dealers within 48hrs of receipt by the ADI. In some cases shipment may be delayed due to inventory constraints or transit core availablilty.
During PDI. Note: Vehicles with 22-inch transit wheels will not need to be programmed during PDI for the wheel swap. However, as with any tire removal the TPMs will need to be re-learned.
Take off wheels are either placed in the dealership's inventory or returned to the ADI. By contrast, the 22-inch transit wheel process requires ALL 22-inch transit wheel assemblies to be returned to the ADI.
The parts department will receive the LPO wheel assemblies from the ADI. The parts department coordinates the install with service during PDI. The parts department must also coordinate the return of the transit wheel assemblies to the ADI within 48 hours of recepit of LPO wheels.
Yes, the ADI will invoice the dealer a $1500 core charge for each set of 22-inch transit wheels. The core charge will be credited upon receipt of (4) intact transit wheels by to the ADI.
Dealerships can save a lot of time by choosing to process transit returns online. You don't have to fill in the sheet by hand, and you can even get a pre-filled form specifically for your dealership to save even more time! It also creates an accurate paper trail with timestamps and proof of your submission sent to your inbox.

Issues or Questions?

If you have an problems or questions related to your dealership and the return process, please contact us.

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