VIP ADI Special Annual Accessories Returns

Beginning June 3, 2013 General Motors Dealers within the VIP ADI service areas of St. Louis, Springfield, and Champaign will begin to accrue a reserve allowance toward a specialized annual return based on the following criteria:

  • Dealer will accrue 1% of ADI to dealer GM Accessory net sales including ADI to dealer direct sales and LPO sales on a monthly basis, where the dealer meets or exceeds GM specified GM Accessories objective.
  • Dealer ACO orders, some clearance sale items, or GM Accessory orders not filled by VIP ADI will not count toward dealer return reserve allowance, and may not be included in dealer’s annual return.
  • Dealer will accrue reserve monthly, beginning on the date indicated above, and ending on the final GM sales reporting day of the year.
  • Dealer will be notified of total earned return allowance on or before January 15 and must submit completed return form to VIP for return authorization before EOB, January 31.
  • Returned merchandise must be received by VIP ADI no later than February 14 to assure credit.  Returns not received or processed by set deadlines will not be processed and by Federal Law dealership’s return reserve must be forfeited.
  • Dealer may return any non-LPO GM Accessories sold to the dealer by VIP ADI, at the end of the year, at a value not to exceed the total earned return allowance.
  • Dealer will receive no credit beyond their earned return reserve, nor credit for return reserve not utilized.

This program is administered by VIP ADI and is in no way meant to imply any participation of  General Motors, or an official General Motors parts or accessories return policy.  VIP ADI reserves the right to modify or cancel this program at any time.