3 Ways Accessories Benefit your Courtesy Transport Program

Adding Accessories to Your CTP vehicles Will Better Your Business

For a successful accessory process you need to integrate GM Accessories into all aspects of your business, and your courtesy transportation program (CTP) is no exception. Implementation can be done quite easily, and it will serve as a boon to the customer experience and your monthly numbers.

What to choose?

It is best to use protection and convenience accessories within your loaner vehicles. Protection accessories will guard your unit against potential damage, and convenience accessories offer great no-pressure exposure to the customer. These are some of the GM Accessories we recommend ordering for your CTP loaner vehicles.

  • Premium All-Weather Floor Liners
  • Integrated Cargo Liner
  • Universal Powered Tablet Holder
  • Keyless Entry System
  • Molded Splash Guards
  • Headrest DVD Entertainment System

Contact your GM Accessories Territory Sales Manager and find out what accessories they recommend for your particular models. After adding accessories to your loaner vehicles you'll discover 3 powerful benefits they provide your dealership.

1. Protection From Dirt & Damage

All-Weather Premium Floor Liners are available for an increasing range of models.

Loaner vehicles often don’t see the same precautions or care a customer has with their own vehicle, so make sure you’re doing your best to protect your CTP vehicles. Premium All-Weather Floor Liners and Integrated Cargo Liners are simple adds that require little to no installation time but offer premium protection. Would you rather be shampooing a stained carpet or rinsing off a floor liner?

2. Customer Accessory Discovery

Using an accessory in daily activities highlights its value to customers.

Use your customers’ time in a loaner to introduce them to GM Accessories in a no-pressure environment. Some customers need to actually experience these accessories in their daily routines before they understand the high value they add.
As the saying goes, “you don’t know what you got till it’s gone”, and your customers may request those accessories if they don’t have them on their personal vehicle.

3. Added Profit Upon Sale

Expect some customers to request an accessory from their loaner be added to their personal vehicle.

Most loaner units aren’t sticking around for the long-term. Eventually you’re going to want to make the sale, and when you do you’ll see extra profit due to the accessory adds. You’ll also see the vehicle better preserve its value due to the protection accessories that have been guarding it against daily use.